If, like us, you enjoy nothing more than to sit back in a comfy seat with friends, perhaps with a glass of warm beer in your hand, whilst being dazzled by the art form we call cinema, then this is the club for you!

We intend to go around the world in 80 films, wandering off the beaten track, to the roads less travelled.
We will transport ourselves to another time and place through the storytelling of artists from many different countries and cultures.

And here comes the exciting part… where we go on our journey is entirely up to us! Each time we meet we will agree upon the next stopping point on our global expedition and eagerly anticipate the joys and sorrows, thrills and spills of whatever our new destination has to offer.

We want to try out new formats and for this to be about much more than just film.
Maybe we can combine with some culinary delights to broaden and heighten the sensory experience.
Or perhaps we can include a live performance of music or dance.

Here again it’s entirely up to us. Do you have a suggestion? Let’s hear it. A great idea? Share it. All contributions are welcome.

What greater joy is there than to share ones experiences with another?
Indeed we hope that along the way of our journey we might move from being cordial acquaintances to warm friends, happy to share a hammock or chamber pot when circumstances demand.