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Brussels, Belgium: Man Bites God

8th September 2016

As I was third choice to review this film I’ll try and give it some effort…

God is alive and he lives in Brussels… with his daughter.

I went to Brussels once myself, it was REALLY GOOD!

But geography aside, this was a film that raised more questions than it tried to answer, such as:

  • How would you live your life knowing the exact date you were going to die?
  • Is God a capricious asshole fumbling his way through a selfish experiment where he enjoys tormenting his own creation?
  • Would a female make for a much better creator?
  • Do they make a lot of washing machines in Uzbekistan?
  • What are the chances of being reacquainted with a childhood crush whilst recording sex noises for French erotica?
  • Can a women and a gorilla really fall in love and produce offspring?
  • If you shoot at a girl with a prosthetic arm and then buy her flowers, is this a recipe for true love?

There were many more questions asked by this film and what was good about it was that we will still be thinking about the answers for a while yet.

God’s daughter Ea played by Pili Groyne did a sterling job as sympathetic girl child Jesus rounding up her 6 Disciples whom all represented various aspects of the human condition. Working a job you don’t like and missing out on life, existing in a materially rich loveless marriage starved for attention, a fascination with death and killing, gender identity, having a rubber arm and being a sex maniac.

I really enjoyed the acting stylings of Benoît Poelvoorde, Belgium’s Leonardo DiCaprio, and it was good to see his progression from the days of Man Bites Dog where he played an Egotistical Psychopathic serial killer to this film where he plays… erm, well, he’s good at it anyway.

I really like this film, not just because it is well made and made me think A LOT, but also because for me it follows in the great european cinema tradition of relying on quality thought provoking storytelling by eccentric artists and not mega budgets to bore you in 3D.

I think a sequel is in order where Jesus returns to Brussels and is played by JC Van Damme… Plot TBC.


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