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South Korea: The LADS had to eat

15th March 2016

Whilst heading back into the Busan basin from the incredible Haeundae Beach some of the LADS (Johnny Chaffinch, Johnny Seagull and Johnny Jones) declared their hunger. Having said they weren’t interested in the beach side eateries, I was left frustrated due to the increased chance of having to turn left. It is what it is, the LADS had to eat.

Johnny Seagull told us he had an idea and directed us to a shopping centre car park where he pointed out he’d found a KFC. There was inexplicable excitement regarding the discovery of an American fast food restaurant, it’s like celebrating rain in England… just prior to crossing a ford… and being 2 inches tall. Anyway, we head in.

Chaff’s ordered the Zinger Taco because he loves Mexican food and the poster was in English, Jonesy ordered the Double Down because he was cutting his carbs and didn’t want to eat bread. Seagz had a little laugh, “Amateurs! when in Rome” and ordered the Bulgogi Burger. The Bulgogi Burger is like a regular burger but the patty is marinated in a Bulgogi sauce. The Busan KFC was extremely clean, the staff we’re excellent, the service was quick, the food was hot and the price was satisfying. Seagz was celebrating his own success “And who found this place, ME, SEAGZ” and he started pointing to the back of his shirt like an overpaid, self satisfying, ego maniac footballer. “You wouldn’t get a Bulgogi Burger in Manchester would you?”. He might be right.

A couple of weeks later I was chatting to Chaff’s about the trip on social media and asked him what his favourite part was, he said “Do you remember the KFC! Everything was in Korean”. I replied “WTF!”. He returned, “The Bulgogi Burger Seagz had?!? They even had tomato ketchup”. It left me feeling dead inside. I don’t see Chaff’s, Seagz or Jonesy anymore, I felt our lives were going in different directions.

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What I’m trying to say… “The Good, The Bad, The Weird” is like eating a Bulgogi Burger from a KFC in Busan. Some people might marvel at the self flushing toilets but for me it took the worst of America and coated it in a South Korean sauce. Forgettable, 2 out of 5.


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